Dee Swilling

We have had extensive experience dealing with construction both new and building on additions (some good, some not so good, and some… sadly bad) over the past years and were very hesitant to dive in again! But, we did want to add dormers on the front and back of our room over the garage in our 2016 home. We met Josh Bishop at a home show and were impressed with his professionalism and authenticity. After extensive research we decided to move ahead, carefully. We were not disappointed in all areas of concern! There was never a time when we sent off a question where we did not hear back within 24 hours. Amazing to us who with other contractors were sadly often left waiting for several days if not weeks! The design process is another testament to their desire to help us fulfill our dream. They stuck with us and revised the plans until that happened! They came on budget and helped us to think through what we needed/wanted. Unfortunately the time was delayed due to covid limited supplies but they kept us updated as needed. Follow-up care was unusual and great. All of the employees, carpenters, creative team showed up on time and were a pleasure to have in our home. Love our new room which before was one long hallway with slanted roofs. It is now a fully functioning office exercise room with badly needed storage closets on the back wall. Highly recommended… everyone from Josh, to Shawn, to Darren and Sam and all of the carpenter team, went above and beyond and we could not be more pleased! None of the negative potentials (as I mentioned we had worked on several large projects) that we feared happened and all of what we wanted was accomplished. Thank You!!