The CC Experience

Getting Started

Remodeling your home will always be a long journey. Getting started can cause a great deal of anxiety because there are so many unknowns. Design-build renovations can be a fantastic experience when you partner with the right professional firm. Crossroads Contracting has been improving lifestyles for our clients since 1989. The process we have crafted allows our customers to fall in love with their homes all over again.

With Crossroads Contracting, you will be working with an award-winning design build team. Our creative designers, detail oriented project managers, and skilled construction crew will be with you every step of the way to offer their guidance, expertise, design clout, and master craftsmanship to create a space like no other.

From start to finish we ensure a balance of great design, effective solutions, and value. You’ll appreciate our process which eliminates the guesswork and sets proper expectations as we embark on our design/build journey. We have the whole path mapped out and are eager to show you how truly great a renovation experience can be.

Discover What is Possible

Get in touch with us

Complete our project questionnaire, which allows you to share your goals and visions, the timeline you are hoping to meet, the budget you have in mind, any challenges with your space, and any previous  renovation experiences. We want to know what is important to you when partnering with a contractor.

Our Remodeling Consultant & Design Specialist will call you

After we receive your project questionnaire or your phone inquiry, we will share your information with one of our Remodeling Consultants. You will receive a callback within 2 business days. This brief discussion will include further exploration of your goals, any pertinent specifics, review of budget and determining if Crossroads will be a good fit for you.

The First Appointment

We are excited for the opportunity to visit your home and meet your family. We will sit down together and talk more in-depth about what the renovation will truly mean to you. During this consultation, we will gain a better understanding of your lifestyle, assess your higher and lower priorities, and confirm the level of investment you’re comfortable with.

Pre-Construction Agreement

Once we collectively agree that we are a great fit, our next step is to review and sign a pre-construction agreement. This documents the process we will use to figure out how your existing conditions, requested project details, and anticipated budget will come together. 

Design with Exceptional Creativity

The excitement begins!

During your scheduled measurement visit, the drafting team will take key measurements, photos, and videos to help us establish a baseline 3D model of your home. During this time, we’ll begin to assess first-hand the kinds of challenges you’re looking to solve, potentially effected structural components, and other details that are important to the development of your custom design. Other professionals may get involved, such as engineers and plot plan site surveyors, etc.

Our team will be working behind the scenes to create an initial conceptual design(s) with your initial budget in mind. This may take multiple renditions to achieve alignment. As it takes shape, we will communicate with you to determine the best solution(s). With so many variables to consider, having a team that thinks outside the box can open the door to many opportunities.

You’ll be impressed by how our amazing software brings your concepts to life showing perspectives and fully rendered images of how your space can be transformed. Some of these changes may have been expected, and some may provide an unexpected delight. Through our open and honest conversation, we may come up with even more ideas, it really does take a team! This time together is crucial to managing the next step forward. Which design is best for you? Is it the in line with the anticipated budget? What type of additional revisions are needed? There is a lot of cover, but the details are important.

Armed with your initial conceptual design and with your budget in mind, your Remodeling Consultant will coordinate an on-site visit with our professional trade partners. Our goal is to determine together what is needed to bring your dream to reality and how your specific design features will integrate into the existing conditions of your home.

Based on your very specific project scope we will determine which professionals will participate in this meeting, or several meetings. Our team will perform a detailed visual inspection throughout each of the affected areas. Whether it is drafting, our in-house production team, lead testing, excavation, heating, electrical, plumbing, flooring, etc. we have the team in place to find the best solutions for your project.

Example of details that may be reviewed:

Are there structural concerns? Are there permitting constraints that may need additional attention?  How is your space going to be heated? Do you need a sub-panel to handle electrical requirements? Is your plumbing up to code? Are there other system upgrade requirements?

Taking the time to vet things out upfront minimizes the many questions that would otherwise be left unanswered, leading to future construction issues and delays.   

Beyond the trade partner review, additional research is required for your project. Now it is time for your Remodeling Consultant to coordinate the other details. Behind the scenes, we are reviewing material options and price points with our vendors. This may include cabinetry, countertops, plumbing materials, windows, doors and so much more. They all go through a verification process to help ensure the allowances on your proposal are appropriate based on your vision and budget.

At this point, the proposal is prepped but not completed. The conceptual drawings are updated, but not refined. The project cost is nearly determined, but not finalized.

Now, your Remodeling Consultant will reach out to update you on our progress. This is a fantastic opportunity to confirm your final project scope, review drawing details, and provide you with a projected cost. Upon agreement of all the details, we can continue to move forward.

Members of our production team will conduct a final review of the proposal package. When the in-house reviews are complete, we will reach out again to review any possible changes and go over the final price.

You know the scope, you know the design, and you know the price, so this gathering is to review the words and pictures of your amazing project.  The construction agreement will include procedural context, a detailed scope of work, associated material allowances, payment schedule, and insurance certificate.

The acceptance of your proposal and deposit puts you on the path to get ready for production, but there is still more to do. Don’t worry, we have a plan to walk you through all of that!

Material selections are an essential and exciting portion of your remodeling project. Materials such as cabinets, countertops, plumbing, flooring, tile and paint can be some of the most important and vital elements of your overall design.  There are many finish details that  will not be finalized for your project until you have an opportunity to spend time with our in- house Design Consultant.

Our Design Consultant will review your project, gain an understanding of your vision and help guide you throughout the material selections process.  Depending on the size, scope and complexity of your project, we will determine which one(s) of the trusted vendors we will schedule visits with. This provides a unique personalized service, which will result in a fun and enjoyable experience designing your new space!

There is a tremendous amount of work happening behind the scenes now, which is extremely important.

Remember your conceptual design and all the finishes you selected?
With your final materials confirmed, we can now transform your conceptual drawings into your working drawings. Working drawings are necessary for permitting and constructing your project. They act as an additional confirmation of all combined measurements and selected products. These are reviewed in-house and then confirmed with you.  Upon completion, the working drawings instruct our skilled construction team specifically how your project will be built.

Production is learning about your project and schedules are being prepared. You will be introduced to your project manager and lead carpenter to go over additional details.

We perform one step at a time and communication is key throughout the process.

Construct with Confidence

We utilize Buildertrend, an online portal, to give you unparalleled access to your project.  This will store your photos, documents, production calendar, payment schedule, and captures all email communications with your dedicated team.

On-site, your Project Manager will support the Lead Carpenter while overseeing scheduling, logistics, and problem resolution with you. Your Lead Carpenter will construct and oversee the day-to-day operations of your project. They are your primary source for communication once production begins. Weekly updates through Buildertrend will be posted so you know what has happened, what will happen next, and any other necessary details.


We strive to provide you with a ‘zero punch list’ project.  In order to obtain this goal, consistent communication is essential from everyone involved.  If, after walking through your remodeled space, there are items that need to be addressed, a punch list will be created. Additional items in need of attention, correction or repair will be addressed. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable experience from start to finish.

Upon substantial completion and final payment, your a-typical three-year warranty will begin. We take pride in offering our clients a longer warranty because of our quality craftsmanship, our integrity, and our belief in constant and never-ending improvement. Furthermore, you can count on us reaching out periodically to make sure the finished project is all you dreamed it would be.  

Fall in love with your home again.