Design/Build vs Free Estimate

Every renovation requires a multitude of decisions.  The first and most essential choice is deciding who to trust as a project partner.  You have options, such as choosing a company that offers free estimates or select a design-build firm like us.  Both methods offer different experiences and although we cannot decide which process works best for you, we can share some insight as to why design-build may be a perfect solution.  Understanding a company’s unique process, knowing what to expect, and determining which experience is right for you is a good place to start.

Crossroads Contracting has been serving communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for over 30 years.  Over time, we’ve developed and refined our design-build process to ensure our homeowners are falling in love with their homes all over again.

Comprehensive Team Approach

Teamwork begins with a plan.

Prior to disrupting your space with construction, you will experience our team collaborating with one another and most importantly with you, our partner.  You will experience firsthand the creativity, communication, and collaboration between design, drafting and production.  Working together allows for creative brainstorming, custom designs, unique solutions, and preemptive troubleshooting.  No one knows your space like you, so you are an integral part of the planning process. Seeing how we perform together at the very beginning gives you added assurance of how things will be handled as we move forward. 

One team, total accountability.

Our full-service team is responsible for all aspects of your project.  Our clients never have to be the go between.  We are the designers AND the builders. We are all on the same team and we manage your renovation from start to finish.  Without using the design-build approach you are responsible for all designing and building conflicts/concerns that continually arise.  At Crossroads, we know your time is valuable.  You have enough responsibilities without adding designer, draftsman, scheduler, head-hunter for the trades, site superintendent, project manager, quality control inspector, and bookkeeper to your resume.  Our comprehensive team has established relationships in place to manage every detail.    

Open Dialog, No Budget Surprises

Budget is critical to you, we respect that.

Working together to understand, create, and offer the best solutions helps minimize misinterpretations that occur when working with separate organizations.  Everyone on our team is aligned, working towards your overall goal: creating your project that balances budget, beauty, and buildability. Imagine spending all that time and energy with those separate organizations to discover your dream project it is not feasible from a budget perspective. The Crossroads systems were created to encompass all aspects of your project, including budget.  Throughout each step we will discuss your needs, wants and concerns and work to strike a balance.  Too often when working with an architect or designer, budget is not clearly communicated so designs are put together without constraint.  This leads to frustration and ultimately disappointment.  We strive to constantly communicate and work with you to create a project that perfectly fits your vision and budget.

Value engineering.

Our process is founded on value engineering.  It is a simple point to include, but we always consider the ratio of function to cost with our industry knowledge and expertise to provide direction throughout the process.

Teamwork Makes Your Dream Work

We are focused on your satisfaction.

Trusting someone in your home is a privilege we do not take lightly.  Your home is our responsibility and we treat it like it was our own; with great care to ensure it’s clean, safe and secure for you and your family. Our primary goal throughout our process is to ensure your satisfaction.  It may seem like this would be obvious to any firm, but at Crossroads we make this a focused priority.  Over the years we have learned how important communication and cleanliness make things safe and more efficient for our staff, you, your family, and even your pets.

There is no substitute for experience.

Throughout the past 30+ years, Crossroads has learned what it takes to troubleshoot and adapt to the unforeseen issues that arise. No job is the same and every job will have its unique challenges. Our team has the know-how to pre-empt issues that may arise, and the experience to manage situations that are unforeseen.

We are insured for everyone’s peace of mind.

Our insurance covers everyone that works on your project. This also includes all of the trade partners we work with. We only partner with specialists that understand that protecting you, your home, your family and our teams is not just important, but is the only way to operate a business.