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The History Behind Crossroads Contracting

Back in the 80’s, Crossroads started as one of the only woman-owned remodeling companies in New Hampshire. Johnny and Nick, the current owners, started in the field learning the Crossroads culture.  Throughout the years, they worked in various positions and developed a strong working relationship. Their contrasting leadership styles created this dynamic duo.

Their story is one of perseverance and sacrifice and what happens when one teammate pushes another to do more than one could do on their own. Their dedication to the remodeling industry motivated them to build a team of individuals that share the same passion for bringing a customer’s vision to life.  Under their leadership, the company has grown exponentially and is known for its unforgettable creativity, positivity, and unwavering passion, while holding fast to its hard-working roots. With gratitude to the founder, Jan Jacome, we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for giving us the foundation and allowing us to continue the Crossroads culture.

Ladies First

Since our inception, we have relied on women to help build an inspiring work culture by bringing in healthy competition, fostering teamwork, bonding, and thereby helping the company grow to it’s full potential. We value and elevate the female perspective on our team and you will find women involved in all departments at Crossroads Contracting.

Encouraging Diversity

Join Tim and Steve as they talk to Nicole Warren about embracing and increasing diversity in the trades, and in this case, with women. Tim makes the case that professionals in the remodeling industry must be more proactive in reaching across traditional boundaries in order to attract high preforming talent. Nicole is a great example as her strong work ethic has helped her outperform her male colleagues to secure a number of promotions in her career. Crossroads had the insight to encourage diversity and has reaped the rewards of that with Nicole.

Nicole, along with her father, is a carpenter for Crossroads Contracting in Londonderry, NH. She has always liked working with her hands, and once she had a child, she needed family friendly work hours. Becoming a carpenter allows her to work in a fulfilling career, but have the work-life balance she needs for her family.

Listen as Nicole, Tim, and Steve discuss:

  • Creating the awareness that there are opportunities for everyone
  • How to ensure that the wording in communication does not exclude anyone