Bob Carleton

Crossroads built us a new detached garage at our home in Derry. It was a fantastic experience all around.

Their communication was amazing (something that is particularly hard to find in contractors, let’s be honest). They were always here when they said they would be, they checked in with us once a week even when we were in a waiting period.

The actual work was also really great. They did everything from the design to the site work all the way to the painting. The subcontractors were all professional and friendly, and the Crossroads guys did a perfect job of coordinating everything to keep things going smoothly and quickly. Their design team came up with a design that matched everything we asked for and then some, and then they made it a reality.

We only had one small issue with the floor, and the Crossroads guys didn’t hesitate to completely re-do it (on their dime). Issues happen in every job, and having them address it without any pushback … we knew we’d be happy with the final result at that point.

We will absolutely be using Crossroads for future jobs.