Our Process

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We ask lots of questions, we listen and we take notes while you share your dreams and practical needs. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your remodeling project to gain an understanding of what your vision and goals are as well as an understanding of why you have these goals. Having this understanding will help us find solutions that fit your needs. We also discuss what you’d like to invest in your project. Designing to your budget is an important part of our process. We explain our Partner Agreement which is our way of continuing the process. The Partner Agreement allows us the opportunity to explore options relative to your investment information. This process allows for the development of a project that is well balanced with design and investment goals. We head to the drawing board with our collective ideas and vision. Our team thinks outside the box to develop solutions that suit your needs and respect your budget. Our goal while designing is to balance your needs, your vision and your budget. Once we have a clear understanding of the design and specifications the contract is signed and the Production team prepares for construction to begin. Our pre-production process prepares us for all the steps involved in your project. Before we begin construction we conduct our pre-construction meetings with the Production Team and the Salesperson. We will review the project details, specifications and timelines so that you know what to expect throughout the construction stage.