About Crossroads Contracting, LLC

Crossroads Contracting, an award-winning, full-service Remodeling firm in Southern NH, has established itself by using a consultative approach to build relationships with our customers. We take pride in collaborating with our customers to create living and working spaces that meet the customer’s needs, their specifications and budget. We work closely with each customer beginning with the initial consultation, through the design and selection process and the construction phase. Attention to details and communication are our priorities.

The information provided here is meant to assist you in the sometimes formidable task of remodeling and how our team can help you accomplish your dreams and goals.

If you have never remodeled before, there is information that will certainly be insightful and if remodeling is “old hat” then you may be interested in simply browsing the site to get your project going.

Change to your home will affect your day to day life, every holiday and social gathering. Please take your time going through the information and pictures and do not hesitate to contact us regarding your ideas.

We look forward to working with you!